The Dancer
  • The Dancer


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16x20 ~ technology for fine art reproduction using a high-quality inkjet printer to make individual copies.

"I've always admired anyone who can dance. When the music leaves the head and gets into the body. Be it on a dance floor at some bar or on a stage where the stakes are high. Some dances make us laugh, some take our breath away... some dances make us cringe... some dances make us uncomfortable and even get us all hot and bothered. Dance is a powerful thing. A movement becomes a weapon. A healer. I've always been too self-conscious to let myself dance. My mind and my heart are more interested in making the music rather than dance to it. So all you dancers, dance! Get the music out of your head and into your body, your soul cage. Turn up the volume and drown out the insanity of this world."

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