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What do you do with feelings of confusion, anger & sadness after spending your teenage years in a house full of oppression,  physical and mental abuse all tied up in religious doctrine? It could have gone any number of ways.

Instead of turning to drugs and alcohol... music and art became the gateway drugs of escape for me.

The Endless Search For Joy. 

Even at a young age, I loved the way music bellowed through the speakers of my sister's home stereo. I loved the crackle of the the needle on vinyl albums. I loved the thump of the bass through the car speakers. 

I saw where I wanted to go in my mind and the journey began there. Anything artistic captivated me. Drawing with pencils and pens. Paints and colors. I felt the magic in the magic markers. And I heard songs in my head too... entire orchestras, wild rag-tag gypsy rock and roll.

Time goes by and I pick up the guitar. I was 18 years old now. I felt post punk coursing through my veins. Now I’m bashing the guitar into submission. I’m learning guitar chords and strumming rhythms. I’m hearing songs in my head that I knew I had to write… so I wrote the songs and painted the paintings. 

All these years later… I’m still doing this. 
With more passion and intensity now than ever before. 

Gigs became a platform to not only share my songs but to create a tangible expression of joy through chords, dynamics, lyrics and soul searching in a live setting.
I’d love for you to come along this journey with me. 

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Chris Taylor's New Album: Bob Dylan Tribute

Down A Dead End Street (Tribute to Bob Dylan)

Chris Taylor

I've been a mega-fan of Bob Dylan since 1989. I came to his music late in the game but it was Oh Mercy that caught my attention and since then I've purchased just about everything he's released and have dozens of bootlegs and have heard studio session tapes from different albums throughout the years. I've been playing 2-3 hour shows of nothing but Bob Dylan songs... just as a whim. So it only seemed a natural next step to record them and release them to you. It was impossible to pick only 9 of my favorite Dylan songs, so I just started recording and these were the first 9 I finished. There are way too many songs I didn't choose, I figured they were best listened to by the master himself. Here are nine of my favorites & hopefully soon to be nine of your favorites too! If, for some reason you've never been a fan of Bob Dylan but like my music... don't miss this opportunity to see what I see in his music. It's just a glimpse but oh, what a picture he paints! Oh... in case you're wondering, the title of this album came from a song on his Down In The Groove album, Ninety Miles An Hour (Down a Dead End Street) written by: H. Blair and D. Robertson. It jumped out at me...

Check out this recent interview with myself and my favorite Irish Wiseman, Steve Stockman, all about the making of Down A Dead End Street:
  1. 1 What Was It You Wanted 05:38 Info Buy
  2. 2 Things Have Changed 06:25 Info Buy
  3. 3 Man Of Peace 06:28 Info Buy
  4. 4 Simple Twist Of Fate 06:09 Info Buy
  5. 5 Gotta Serve Somebody 05:02 Info Buy
  6. 6 Ballad Of Hollis Brown 06:49 Info Buy
  7. 7 Blind Willie McTell 05:06 Info Buy
  8. 8 Man In The Long Black Coat 03:40 Info Buy
  9. 9 Pressing On 04:30 Info Buy

Down A Dead End Street Credits:

Chris Taylor: vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, percussion, drum loops

Mitchell Connell: electric guitar

Jeff Elbel: fretless & fretted bass guitars (recorded on location)

Anthony Gravley: drums on Man of Peace (recorded on location)

Val Cronk: pedal steel on Blind Willie McTell

Produced & Recorded by: Chris Taylor at Creative Space 2017

Mastered by: Bruce Neher at Disc & Dat

CD Duplication: Deni Gautheir 

Art & Design: Chris Taylor


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