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The long awaited new album from Chris Taylor, Lovers, Thieves, Fools + Pretenders, produced by Misty Jones Simpson, is now available in several different formats!

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2020 is shaping up to be a busy year. Reunited with my band Love Coma, formed in 1992, we released our first album, Soul Rash in 1993 and Language of Fools in 1995. Now we are back and in the middle of recording our new project expected to be released later this year. It will feature original guitar player, Matt Slocum, original drummer, Chris Dodds, guitar players Chris Mattingly and Mitchell Connell and playing bass is JJ Plasencio.

If that's not enough to celebrate, I'm released a brand new album with producer, Misty Jones in Nashville, TN called Lovers, Thieves, Fools & Pretenders and is available right now in the Store.

Lots of exciting stuff happening and a brand new Patreon page for you to get all the music I'm releasing in between, including Born On The Beat digital album, The Broken Man EP & brand new instrumentals each month called Meditations.

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"We are in this thing together. We need each other now more than ever. 
I’m a musician and a visual artist & I create from a genuine place in my soul. 
I follow my muse and have never strayed from the path of being uniquely me, 
whether I’m songwriting or painting. 
I want Pateron to be the one place my community can come together… it really does take a village to raise an artist! 
If you would like to help me to continue to create and live my life as an artist… this is the place to do it." ~ Chris

Chris Taylor - The Acoustic Album

Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor

I spent a few days in July of 2018 recording stripped down, mainly acoustic (with a few exceptions) versions of songs I’ve written all along the way.

Some date back to the Love Coma days right on up to just a few years ago.

I wanted to set these songs in a new light. Strip them to their musical core with a guitar and some vocal melodies. I left all the imperfections you might get from an acoustic performance. I'm not too precious about it all - if it has "the vibe".

Several songs have a shining electric guitar played by Mitchell Connell because it’s so good... why not let the notes ring out?

Most everything was recorded in one or two takes. Some of these songs I haven’t played since shortly after recording them.

I recorded the background vocals because if you've ever seen a solo or duo show of mine... then I want you to hear what I hear inside my head while I'm playing these songs.

Bruce Neher mastered this album so it wraps around you as you vibe out through your car stereo speakers.

I love this set of songs and I hope you will too!
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