Love Coma is an independent band formed in the early 1990s based in San Antonio, Texas. The group disbanded in 1997 following the bankruptcy of its record label but reformed in 2018 with a new album out now. 

Critics have compared the band's sound to that of Simple Minds and The Mission UK, and band members cite other influences such as The Waterboys and Hothouse Flowers. 

The Illinois Entertainer says: "There are occasional hallmarks and reminders, but the old Love Coma was a cult band even at its apex. This doesn’t sound like a band crassly trading on former glories. This sounds like a band rekindling its brotherhood and musical chemistry without considering the trappings of the past. Old friends should celebrate Love Coma’s return even as the hungry band connects with a new audience. With riffs and grooves to move the body and words to move the heart and mind, consider Love Coma to be a statement of renewed purpose and second debut, 24 years in the making."

The Dallas Morning News, wrote that the music is "smart and subtle, seductive even."



Chris Taylor: I am the visionary & spearhead of my ever changing band called Love Coma.

This group is fronted by myself and drummer, Chris Dodds.

We reformed in 2018 and started work on new music.

Our current line up is:

  • Chris Dodds - drums & vocals 
  • Chris Mattingly - electric guitar
  • Justin Schneider - bass guitar & vocals
  • Mitchell Connell - electric guitar 
  • Chris Taylor - vocals, guitar

For the Record:

On our official new album, JJ Plasencio played bass on 5 songs, strings & piano on 1 song & he recorded five songs in our first recording session.

Original guitar player Matt Slocum also played electric guitar, cello and bass guitar on the album.

There's a special appearance by Zeenie Summers, who is currently singing with The Waterboys

We've spent the last year, off and on, recording with JJ Plasencio in Austin, TX

and Pat Manske at The Zone in Dripping Springs, TX.

Myself, Chris Dodds and Pat Manske produced the album.

Album Art & Design by Paul Soupiset.

Love Coma, our new self titled album, is available now on all streaming platforms and is available on CD, Digital Download with vinyl coming in early 2021.

Love Coma released October 27, 2020

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Love Coma

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This album is released exclusively as a Digital Download album.
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